The story of Olfattorio

It all stems from an encounter between Renata De Rossi, Giovanni Gaidano and one of the most famous masters of selective perfumery, Jean-François Laporte. A meeting that represented for the founder of Olfattorio Bar à Parfums a true calling. Renata De Rossi, enchanted by the extraordinary original fragrances of L’Artisan Parfumeur, decided to dedicate herself to olfactory research.

L’Artisan Parfumeur was the first brand imported into Italy by Olfattorio, followed by T.LeClerc, Diptyque, Penhaligon’s and more, making up the twenty-four brands present today in the fourteen Italian boutiques of Turin, Milan, Bergamo, Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Rome.

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Renata De Rossi e Giovanni Gaidano

A year later, it is 1981. Renata De Rossi receives a confirmation that her intuition was unmistaken and faithful to her. It is in Turin in the restaurant Il Dragone during rush hour, when the owner stops and looks at her. He asks her, “What is this scent of the forest?”. It is Mure et Musc by Jean Laporte, the first gourmand fragrance in the history of perfumery. The message is clear: perfume is capable of stopping time.

For the first three years Bar à Parfums was a showroom inspired by the desire to create a place outside of retail where every fragrance lover can immerse themselves in the culture of perfume. An exclusive venue to encounter exquisite perfumes and selected cosmetics, to learn their history and technical and emotional secrets. A proposal for luxury products to be available to the public for free testing, and for professionals to access a unique and complete collection.

The philosophy of Olfattorio

From the dream to the idea, from the idea to the venture. Designed by Renata De Rossi and Giovanni Gaidano, Olfattorio creates an ideal and transforms it into results. Giovanni Gaidano is the dowsing author of an unparalleled revolution in the distribution of perfumes and high-level cosmetics. The idea is that of an exclusive place where everyone can be accompanied in olfactory explorations: trips that lead to the discovery of memories, places and narrations through the perfumes. The nose was made to discover and scent expresses to each individual, their own identity and personality.

Spreading perfume culture is an integral part of Olfattorio’s DNA: the choice of a fragrance is as fickle as fashion, there is a perfume fitting for every occasion, season and time of day. People are invited to enter Bar à Parfums and awaken their sense of smell, bringing with them a renewed attention to the aromas. “Begin to inhale, activate the olfactory senses in search of the fragrances that surround you. Leaves, flowers, woods, nature, cities, the rooms of a house, clothes, objects, fabrics … go in search of familiar smells”, are words with which Renata De Rossi expresses the deep roots of the company philosophy.

Today, Bar à Parfums represents the ideal place in which a luxury perfumery brand could hope to live, because each element is grown out of love for fragrance culture, treated one by one respecting the desire of their creators, narrating the unique story of each house and each bottle. Thanks to the new generation of Olfattorio represented by Alessandro Moretti and Luli Gaidano, the passionate research continues, putting the selection of new brands and training first.

The Future of Olfattorio

Luli Gaidano has been involved in the world of selective perfumery from a very young age. After graduating from art school as a graphic designer, following her innate creative flair, in 1981 she personally met Jean-François Laporte. The two collaborated on the introduction of L’Artisan Parfumeur to Italy, with the opening of the first boutique in Turin. She led a professional journey of specialization in the fields of commerce and distribution, where she developed skills in managing relationships with retailers and customers. Luli has become an expert in the distributive complexities of selective perfumery. Over the years, continuous adjournments in France and England enrich her skills and olfactory knowledge adding to her professional profile. In Olfattorio she is responsible for training business customers and staff. Luli is able to identify and interpret the unique identity of each house and coordinate the Bar à Parfums of Turin with the sensitivity and unique, distinctive mark with which Olfattorio selects and proposes the best brands in the sector.

Alessandro Moretti has also been immersed in the world of perfume since childhood thanks to his family and a natural predisposition to research. He studies engineering and is responsible for marketing, today representing the commercial strength of the company with an accurate knowledge of the national market and an attentive international vision. This vision does not stop at the enhancement of the company history, but gazes with curiosity and momentum to the future of Bar à Parfums. He dedicates himself with passion to the choice of the most exclusive locations to represent the best brands in Italy, which he himself selects and contributes to through constant research.

Museo della Cipria

In the Turin and Florence branches of Bar à Parfums, it is possible to visit an avocatory display of face powder packs belonging to private collections. The Museo della Cipria is a space suspended between dream and reality, where containers are illuminated by atmospheric lighting: dozens of boxes hang like carillons that tell tales of the Belle Epoque.